Greece – Hotel The Romanos Costa Navarinos

Greece – Hotel The Romanos Costa Navarinos

I had the pleasure to visit Peleponnese and Athens! I am so happy that people are talking about traveling to Greece again. I used to live and work in sunny Rhodes when everything was about Drachmers, Souvlakis and Island hopping…

How to get there!

On this trip we flew to Kalamata Airport which is located on the peninsula Peleponessos. The transfer takes about 30-50 minutes depending on traffic to our first destination named Costa Navarino, the road is a little bit curvy.

When I arrive at our hotel called The Romanos Costa Navarino, A Luxury Collection Resort I am impressed. There are actually two hotels joined together. The hotels are pretty damn good for sport activities, meetings and pleasure. Ps you will find a short teaser/video from the hotel lobby and one of the poolareas separate on our blog.

Private Villa!

Not difficult to understand why we love this villa. The view from the master bedroom of the private pool patio, grill at the private drop down to the fine beach.The second photo show the view from the tower at the resort where you can practice your outdoor yoga during sunrise. The only sound is the swallows.

The private Villa in Romanos called Royal Villa Methoni is everything! This is the livingroom and there are 3 bedrooms with bathrooms fireplace a private gym…. Love love love!

Just look at this bath!

Soap with style! All Acqua di Parma.


The Romanos lobby!

Pools and restaurants!

The hotel has several pool areas and even a waterfall. Each of the light-filled suites has a private pool.

The breakfast is a feast which includes local honey. Gourmet delights range from Italian and Pan Asian restaurants, to a Souvlakerie stand and a Greek restaurant complete with a well-stocked wine cellar.

Chill-out bars provide ideal places to relax and taking in the spectacular views.

The beach!

This property is laying close to the beach. Set on a breathtaking stretch of sandy beach in the region of Messinia. Guests are encouraged to discover the beauty and culture of Messinia and participate in traditional activities ranging from the art of olive-oil to wine-making.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including famous Olympia, Mystras and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius are all within driving distance.


Anazoe Spa is really something else! This Spa pool water is as salty as the Dead Sea.
The hotel Spa has won several awards. There are beautiful mosaics everywhere and so many different saunas to choose from. Have you ever tried Ice Sauna?


The hotel has 2 golf coarts one is situated by the sea and they just started to building a third.When you think it’s too damn hot to walk 4 minutes from the golfcourse to hotel—use this!

20 years ago Captain Vassilis began to buy land from local farmers to build these amazing resorts and golf courses. Shortly after they were completed, he went away but today it’s run by his sons. The resorts have got the area to flourish and about 80% of the staff are from the local area.

For more information about the hotel use this link



Koa beachclub is famous for it’s cocktails and the sunset. You can rent the whole club for your event.
This is my dear friend Margarita who works as Sales Manager for group events at the hotel while she embraces the sun at Koabeach Club and Rena and Angela my partners from Vista Events in Greece. Next blog update will be about the small villages in the neighbourhood, wineyards and the beuatiful city called Athens!

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