Menton! You had me at hello!

Menton! You had me at hello!


The “eldest elders” of Menton tell us that when Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden, they took a splendid, golden fruit with them: the lemon. They long sought the most enchanting site to plant its seeds and chose Menton, for it reminded them of their paradise lost! I think it must be true! What do you think?

About Menton!

Menton is a sleepy idyll, loved by artists, with paved doorsteps, galleries and cozy cafes, sometimes no bigger than a table and some chairs exhibited on the cobblestones under a shady umbrella. Menton is a lovely gem on the French Riviera.

Menton is knowned as ”the pearl of France” and it’s easy to understand why! The city is the last stop on the Côte d’Azur before Italy. Menton’s old town is a cascade of pastel-coloured buildings. Menton offers a glimpse of what the high life on the Riviera must have been like before the developers moved in. The city has about 30,000 inhabitants, thus belonging to larger cities on the French Riviera.

What Menton is famous for!

Menton is famous for its pleasant subtropical climate, which is due to the fact that the city is protected by mountains from three sides. This location makes Menton one of the few cities in France where lemon trees can grow and carry high-quality fruit.


There are many restaurants in Menton and the city size makes them open all year round.

Nightlife is quite lively with many bars and discos. Menton also has a big casino, which is located down the water.

Behind some of the beaches is a walk with restaurants and cafés, from which you have fantastic views of the azure water.

The beaches!

There are several beautiful beaches in Menton. Some beaches are privately owned, where you can hire deck chairs and have a snack, but most beaches are public. Most of the beaches are covered with pebbles.

The beaches are rarely overcrowded and in summer you can jump the trampoline, take a trip with the miniature yard or find the market.


There are many good hotels in Menton. One of the most popular is the Best Western Hotel Prince De Galles, which is centrally located and has beautiful sea views. For more information about the hotel use this link


With its subtropical climate it is quite natural that Menton has many beautiful gardens and parks. Here, many exotic plants grow, and not least the Serre de la Madone garden is worth a visit.

Attractions and activities!

The biggest event in Menton is Fète du Lemon, the lemon festival, where large figures in the parade are built of over a million citrus fruits, mostly lemons. The party is a huge drawstring for visiting from far and away.

There are many museums in the city. The most famous is the Musée des Beaux Arts, housed in a 19th-century palace, previously a summer residence of the princess of Monaco.

Another popular museum is the Musée Jean Cocteau, where the French multicultural artist exhibits his own works. The latest museum is the Musée de prehistoire régionale, a prehistoric museum, where you can see how people lived in southern France 400,000 years ago.

Distance and colors!

The Cote d’Azur is described as the little idyll east of Nice as it may be the best kept secret of all.

Menton’s medieval city center feels like a blackboard with its pastel-colored houses and umbrella alleys that take you to a surreal old cemetery high among the rooftops.

The best part is that Menton is only 45 minutes by commuter train from Nice, so it’s easy to get here on a day trip.

The old town!

Vieux Menton is the old town, whose narrow streets and alleys are filled with shops and cozy cafes. Characteristic of Menton is that the buildings in the old district are very colorful.

If you are like me and love pastel colours and a lot of atmosphere you are going to love this town!

I can’t wait to go back! xoxo

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