Oh la la! Nice I like you!

Oh la la! Nice I like you!

Nice is the French Riviera’s largest tourist destination and France’s fifth largest city. Here are more galleries, hotels and museums than elsewhere outside the capital of Paris.

About Nice!

Nice is a coastal city, and the Mediterranean waves roll in along the beach at the Promenade des Anglais, and against the enchanting luxury villas on the peninsula Cap Ferrat. The city has more than 300 days of sunshine annually, and in the parks is the warmer climate: palms and pine trees are typical plants.

Why visit Nice!

Nice are very careful in preserving their historical legacy. Old buildings are kept and the ores stained are washed and preserved, as are the frescoes painted on them. Here you can combine to explore a great city and at the same time enjoy beachlife!


Nice city offer a very long beach, you can choose to go public or private. The public beaches are free of charge. Be aware of that it can get crowded during high season. But if you want to have a natural beach experience this is for you. You will be surrounded by locals.

Private beaches!

The private beaches are more central, often attached to the main hotels, and offer lockers and showers to make your experience a little more exclusive. They also offer a beach restaurant and a bar.

My favorite is a private one and it’s called the Castel Plage. You will find this gem at the end of them all. The lounge is comfartable, the service and food is great! Do I look happy? And yes I was!

About Promenade de Anglais!

The famous Promenade des Anglais, passes the longest beach at the Angels Bay, Baie des Anges, from the airport and in to the city center. One of my favorite things is to stroll on a beachwalk, and Promenade des Anglais is one of my absolute favorites in the world. As you can see I wasn’t the only one loving it. Even during the evening you could find a lot of people enjoying life on the it.

Famous hotel!

On Promenade des Anglais you will also find some great hotels! Hotel Le Negresco is the most famous one! The Negresco has been overlooking one of the French Riviera’s most beautiful bays for a century. This large white vessel moored at the Baie des Anges has become a legend. A legend of a very French art of living forged year after year. Unique and timeless, the Negresco is above all a place where everything is possible, flamboyance served on a tray. The unique rooms are equipped with exceptional authentic furniture and works of art from Louis XIII period to today. Use this link for mor information and booking http://www.hotel-negresco-nice.com/

Best Rooftop view!

The best view you will find from the rooftop bar at Le Meridien. It can be crowded but if you are patient you will get a seat. Use this link for more details and booking http://www.lemeridiennice.com/

The old town!

Vieux nice is the old part of town. This is a colorful neighborhood with a thriving folklore until late into the nights. Vieux Nice is a charming chaos of beautiful squares and narrow alleyways winding between the 17th and 17th century houses. There are odd clothing stores, cricket crams, lots of bars, cafes and restaurants that have very affordable prices.


Take the chance and taste the their culinary specialty, socca, a thick pancake made of chickpeas, originating in Italy. Nice didn’t become part of France until 1860, thanks for the country supporting Italy’s unity. And the Italian influences are clear, just look at the terracotta-colored houses with their typical shutters. Even the local Nicedialect – as soon as its own language – has its roots in Italy.

Socca is great, but oysters and other seafood are even better. And on the elongated market square, where they sell fruit, greenery and flowers, there are several places with delicious seafood plates as specialty. With Provencal Rosé wine, the feeling is total!

The most exclusive area and history!

The most exclusive district in Nice is called Cimiez, it’s located on a hill a few kilometers from the sea. The view of the city and the Mediterranean is nice, but for those seeking beach life, the situation is not the best. It was different back in the good old days when the northern Europeans came here. They been visiting this area since the mid 1800’s when the idea of a holiday was born. But until the 1920s there were only winter semesters that concerned – and then the distance to the sea didn’t matter.

Some of the oldest parts of Nice lie on the hill, where the Roman city of Cemenelum was situated. The Greeks, who were the first, built their Nicaea by the sea – the remains are below the narrow alleys of Vieux-Nice.

The boulevard!

The city’s boulevard is called – Avenue Jean Médecin. A few years ago, the street were filled with cars, but now the street has been taken over by trams and trolleys. Overall, Nice has undergone a remarkable boost over the past ten years – beautify, gained more public art as well as excellent – and inexpensive – local traffic.

The big square!

It’s most noticeable in Place Masséna square, where a piece of art consisting of a series of sitting figures on high pillars illuminates the dusk. If you cross the square you will be in Vieux Nice – the old town.

The modern city is located between the seafront and the train station. Here are hotels, pedestrian streets, shopping, restaurants, bars and bars.

Colline du Chateau!

Just a few minutes walk from the centre of  Nice you can find yourself in a lush green park, shaded from the intense Mediterranean sun, high enough to benefit from a cool breeze and with showstopping views of the bay of Nice. Colline du Chateau translates as “Castle Hill” and, once upon a time, there was indeed a castle up here. All that remains now are the ruins but they are open to the public and there are information boards telling you what part of the castle they would have been.

The waterfall!

One of the parks most impressive features is the large waterfall that cascades down over a short cliff; you can walk up to the base of it and feel the cool spray or stand at the top and watch the torrent come crashing down from the viewing balcony.

The view!

From here, the view of the sea and the city is magnificent. Here you can quickly get an excellent overview of Nice different parts. Below the east side of Le Château lies the harbor, where fishing boats are crowded with the rich people’s exclusive luxury boats. The quays are beautiful 17th century houses in mild terracotta and ocher colors, as well as lots of bars and restaurants.

Who built Nice!

Greeks were the first to develop the area. The Romans took over and began to build roads between Italy and Spain. Part of the Roman empire from 125 to 118 before Christ. La Belle Époque around 1890 meant rapid economic growth. Nice was Europe’s fastest growing city between 1860 and 1911. Well-traveled tourists and artists flow to the city.


From Nice airport: There are two buses to Nice city.  They ususally traffic 3 times an hour and the transport takes about 30 minutes. Lignes d’Azur n ° 98 and n ° 99. N ° 98 traffic along the Promenade des Anglais all the way to the port, while n ° 99 traffic straight to the Nice Gare Routière (”the big bus station”). The ticket price is about 4 € and is valid on for 24 hours on all Lignes d’Azur buses, including the tram in Nice. Check this link for time tables http://www.lignesdazur.com/

Bus is the best way to get around the city, bus pass  of 1, 5 or 7 days are available.
The train travels frequently between Cannes and Ventimigla in Italy, with several stops at different stations, including Antibes, Monte Carlo and Menton. One tip is to buy the ticket online if you are like me and don’t understand French that well.

Pebble beach!

The beach in Nice is a pebble beach so I would recommend to use bathing shoes, but hey that is why the water is amazingly blue! French Riviera, or Côte d’Azur, is known for its gorgeous coastline that stretches roughly from St Tropez in the west to Menton in the east, with literally hundreds of beaches of all shapes and sizes, a great deal of these beaches are pebbly.

Hope you enjoyed the arthicle! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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