Greece – Corinth Canal, Wineyards and Athens!

Greece – Corinth Canal, Wineyards and Athens!

Corinth Canal!

So narrow but oh so deep! The canal opened in 1893 but started already 67 years of Emperor Nero…

The Corinth Canal connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, thus effectively making the former peninsula an island.

The builders dug the canal through the Isthmus at sea level. It is 6.4 km in length and only 21.4 m wide at its base, making it impossable for most modern ships. It now has little economic importance.

The canal was proposed in classical times and an abortive effort was made to build it in the 1st century CE. Construction finally got under way in 1881 but was hampered by geological and financial problems that bankrupted the original builders.

It was completed in 1893 but, due to the canal’s narrowness, navigational problems and periodic closures to repair landslides from its steep walls, it failed to attract the level of traffic expected by its operators. It is now used mainly for tourist traffic.


Yes you have noted correctly I’m walking among grapevines!

The region of Nemea and the Argolida highlands is blessed viti-vinicultural land. This area i located about 1 1/2 – 2 hours drive from Athens.

Domaine Skouras is located in the Northeastern Peloponnese, in Argolida, close to the provinces of Corinthia and Arcadia, just a few kilometres from Argos, in the village of Malandreni. The winery is situated within the Nemea zone, the largest and possibly the most exciting Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for red wines in Greece.

Mantinia, another important PDO region for white wines, is in close proximity, while the surrounding areas have excellent terroirs, although not of PDO status. Across all of these locations, Domaine Skouras owns a number of very interesting vineyards. For mor information about Domaine Skouras use this link

This area also has the advantage of a large number of nearby attractions: the Archaeological Museum of Nemea, the Ancient Temple of Zeus, Mycenae, Tiryns, the Heraion, the Ancient Agora of Argos and the Asclepion of Epidaurus to name but a few. Finally, one can pay a visit to the highly popular town of Nafplion, with ‘must see’ sights like Bourtzi, Akronafplia, the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation and the Archaeological Museum.

So many barrels are neatly lined up. George Skouras embarked on his wine-making career in his fathers garage in Argos, with no land and no gear, leasing vineyards and renting equipment from other wine producers in Nemea. His wine is good and also famous. Vineyard Domaine Skouras is really nice and modern.


Arrived in Athens! It all started here in Greece in the city Olympia on Peloponessos. In the beginning it was a festival held to honor the god Zeus. The first Olympic Games is said to have taken place in 776 and then kept every four years in the same place for over a thousand years.

Standing by the old beautiful Olympic stadium in central Athens makes me think back to when I was a teenager and competed for IFK Göteborg in athetic. The distance wa 800 m seems like yesterday.

Roof Terrace Bar, Hotel Grande Bretagne!

We had a lunch here for about 3 hours, not really suprising since the head chef got a Michelin star.
The bar of the GB Roof Garden Restaurant allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the Acropolis.

Before a romantic dinner or for a night out, enjoy an aperitivo and experience the enchanting atmosphere from the roof of the Hotel Grande Bretagne. The GB Roof Bar operates a no-reservation policy and has a relaxed atmosphere.

About Hotel Grande Bretagne, Hotel King Georg, a Luxury Collection Hotel and Acropolis!


Churchill’s a unique dining room that caters to small functions and is located on the ground floor. Elaborate drapes and detailed moldings imbue the space with a wonderful classic style. You will be drawn by its brilliance and homage to the room’s namesake-a photograph of Sir Winston Churchill himself presides from the centre of the wall behind the table.


With breathtaking views of the fabled Acropolis, regal Syntagma Square and the Parliament, lush Lycabettus Hill or the original Olympic Stadium, the multi-awarded 5 star Hotel Grande Bretagne offers an unrivalled perspective of Athens’ mythical history.


Situated right in the heart of the city since 1874, the landmark hotel is within walking distance of exclusive shopping areas, museums and the business district. The lavish rooms are appointed with the finest furnishings. The marble bathrooms feature a vanity counter, separate bathtub, and shower. Some rooms have balconies facing the Acropolis, and the daily changing of the guard at the parliament building.

About Grande Bretagne!

From private dining parties at The Cellar, to VIP airport transfer, the leg endary Grande Bretagne prides itself on its service. The multi-awarded 5-star hotel is walking distance of exclusive shopping areas, museums and the business district. The Ancient Agora and the Acropolis are 6 00 m away. For more information use this link

Sleep like a princess at King George Hotel!

Dating back to 1930 and located in the centre of Athens, the 5-star King George, a Luxury Collection Hotel, represents the absolute essence of a fascinating boutique hotel. This hotel is located beside Hotel Grande Bretagne. For more information  use this link


The magnificent temple on the Acropolis of Athens, known as the Par thenon, was built to dedicated to the city’s patron deity Athena. The temple was constructed to house the new cult statue of the goddess by Pheidias and to proclaim to the world the success of Athens as leader of the coalition of Greek forces which had defeated the invading Persian armies of Darius and Xerxes.

The temple would remain in use for more than a thousand years, and despite the ravages of time, explosions, looting, and pollution damage, it still dominates the modern city of Athens, a magnificent testimony to the glory and renown the city enjoyed throughout antiquity.

Sandals all over!

Plaka is full with small nice shops and taverns!


This is my favorite district in Athens this is the oldest section of Athens. The area has a charming atmosphere and is spread all around the narrow streets, the ancient ruins, the Byzantine temples and the renovated neoclassical buildings. Most of the streets have been closed to automobile traffic. If you wander around the Plaka you will find lots of different types of shops.

Short fact about Athens!

There are so many buildings with a lot of history in Athens!
Athens is one of the oldest named cities in the world, having been continuously inhabited for at least 5000 years. Situated in southern Europe, Athens became the leading city of Ancient Greece in the first millennium BC, and its cultural achievements during the 5th century BC laid the foundations of western civilization.

During the early Middle Ages, the city experienced a decline, then recovered under the later Byzantine Empire and was relatively prosperous during the period of the Crusades, benefiting from Italian trade. Following a period of sharp decline under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Athens re-emerged in the 19th century as the capital of the independent Greek state.

Groupie with me and some of our partners in Greece! Rena Gkini Director of Sales, Panos Fragakis Manager Director Vista Events and Michele Clarke Sales Manager Starwoods Hotels.

Not difficult to understand why we love Greece! And of course, I will gladly return!

xoxo Katarina

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